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We are always forgetting something when we travel. It's natural. Here is an ever-changing list of traveling essentials where we will will showcasing some of the items that we use for our travel.

For great pictures you need a great phone! We use both the Pixel 2 and the Galaxy 8 for all the pictures on this Website. I purchased my Pixel 2 almost 2 years ago for less than $600 and I have loved it ever since.

I am not going to get into the Apple vs Android debate, but I did make the switch to the Pixel from the Iphone and I dont regret my decision one bit. The pictures are just simply amazing! I bought my Pixel 2 unlocked on Amazon and took it to TMobile.

As you may be able to tell, we usually have a selfie stick with us. I am not a fan of selfie sticks. However, they come in so handy when you are on vacation. Especially, if you in a place where they are selling them for more than you should pay (or someone is charging you to take a picture). We found a selfie stick that doubles as a tripod and folds small enough to go in your pocket. They do tend to get lost and break a lot with heavy use so we suggest that you do not spend a fortune on one. They should last you for at least one or two trips if not more. Remember to check the reviews before you buy! The following are our recommendations of a product that I do not like.

My wife loves beaches! And while we would love to just put our toes in the sand, that is not always a great option. There are some beaches that are just too rocky to handle. We recommend that you research your beaches before you go to them and always have a pair of water shoes with you. They especially come in handy on real hot sand and when you step into the bathroom. You will definitely save money by buying them before you go on vacation, since the prices are much higher by the beaches.

Make sure that you have a charger or two for the plane ride and for emergencies. You will be taking many pictures. I usually have a small charger that I take with me on the carry on and a much more powerful charger that I know I can use in case I need to charge at the destination or in emergencies.

We love these awesome luggage tags.

I had my bike stolen while I was away not too long ago, and that made me fear traveling too far away from home. As a result, we made sure to purchase and install The Ring security camera. It brings me great peace of mind while I am away. Just be warned that if you dont set it up well, you will be notified of any action outside of your door. That might sound great, except when you start thinking of every car that passes by. Just adjust the settings appropriately and you should be fine. I highly recommend the product.

What are your must haves on a trip? Send me a message and let me know!

I can't see without my glasses, so I always feel the need to have an extra pair of glasses with me wherever I go.

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